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Book a private lesson introducing you to the world of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

This course aims to teach you the basic of Bitcoin and the world of Cryptocurrency. Our goal is to empower you as an individual to be able to take control of your assets by understanding the risks and possibilities of this emerging market. We will never require any investment or trade on your behalf. Learn To Bitcoin is purely an educational resource for all newcomers.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor, professional investor or technical analyst. The views in this presentation are my own. Cryptocurrency or any investment comes with certain risks and you could lose all of your money at any time. Never invest what you can’t afford to lose. The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile. Always research as much as possible before getting involved.

Date: Choose When Signing Up.
Venue: We come to you or via Skype.
Price: R2000pp (R1500pp for parties of 2 or more)
Course Duration: 3 Hours.

During this training session we will discuss:

  • Introduction to Bitcoin.
    What is Bitcoin?
  • Mining
    What is Mining?
  • Wallets
    How do people store, send and receive coins?
  • Intro to Alt Coins.
    What are the different types of coins?
  • Intro to the Cryptocurrency Exchanges.
    Where do people trade?
  • How to trade Cryptocurrency.
    How do people trade?

Added bonuses:

  • After the course you’ll have time to ask any questions about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.
  • An ever-growing curated list of apps and content to enhance your Cryptocurrency experience and knowledge.
  • Access to the Learn to Bitcoin networking channels to discuss Cryptocurrency with other users.

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